Crestron Pyng for iPad Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Crestron App Demo

Brian shows how to download and setup the silver "pro" version.

Crestron Pyng

Bugs in the Pyng Hub System.

Crestron & Sonos

Demonstration of Crestron TSW-760 with imbedded Sonos App and Crestron direct control.

Ropreoso iPad Control 720p

Malá ukazka integrace řídícího systému Crestron a vytvořené grafické ovládání řízení rodinného domu ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Prowl launching Crestron App

Integrated Systems Europe 2016, RAI, Amsterdam, ISE 2106 . Crestron PYNG

Integrated Systems Europe 2016, RAI, Amsterdam, ISE 2106. Crestron Pyng.

Crestron Mobile PRO G for iPad

This is a Crestron Electronics video showcasing how beautifully the iPad integrates with Crestron control systems.

Custom iPad app controls Crestron - Large pages in small view

This video shows how I have implemented it in my in-house iPad app. It really lets me do things in views that need to scroll but aren't structured enough for the various list objects out there....

Power Options for Smart Things iPad docks - ISE 2015

Smart Things CEO Thomas Detemple explains how iPads are powered in the company's iPad docks.

Electrically Controlled Frosted Glass Window

A very cool feature for your home, frosted glass privacy windows. These glass panes are clear transparent or completely opaque by applying electricity. A very unique install with the frosted...

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